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Carrer De Sancho De Avila 78, Barcelona



..sobre Föllakzoid..

Chile is due. With coal miners, earthquakes and just pure bad luck, it was time for something brilliant to happen. Well, it’s our belief that Föllakzoid (pronounced foll-ack-zoid) are the reason to believe. If they’re the tip of some Chilean psych scene, then we are in for a friggin’ treat. Stumbled on these bad boys last year and I’ve been waiting for a new release to announce their loveliness. They’re part Verve, part Dungen, part Tame Impala. Their groove is harder though. They have a vibe that helps them pull away from that Sabbath rip-off sound. They started playing together three years ago in Chile when they were twenty years old. The first time they jammed together they played nonstop without speaking for two hours and were seemingly over taken by a trance without any clear reference point. The music is big and deep. It will definitely envelope you. I read somewhere that they called it Krautrock…maybe, I call it fantastic.

Hometown: Santiago, Chile
Members: Domingo Garcia-Huidobro on Guitar, Diego Lorca on Drums, Juan Pablo Rodríguez on the bass, Francisco Zenteno on Guitar and Gonzalo Laguna as a Lead Singer. Since 2008 Ives Sepulveda is also playing keyboards and shakers.

...sobre Shinkiro..

shinkiro is a new project featuring Arnau Obiols (Television Personalities / Stand Up Against Heart Crime) and Tony Laming (ex-Murmurs of Irma / Le Petit Ramon / The Pauls), improvising on experimental, modal & psychedelic influences

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