Cosmonauts + Shinkiro en Barcelona

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BeGood Club

Carrer De Sancho De Avila 78, Barcelona

Concierto de Cosmonauts + Shinkiro en Barcelona en BeGood el lunes 9 de septiembre de 2013.


RETRO CITY BARCELONA Presenta I Rock Barcelona and Psychedelic Nights Con MIB (Musicos Independients de Barcelona):


If You Wanna Die Then I Wanna Die 12" LP available now from The Lazerbeam 7" EP available now from

"Their raucous set was like if the Velvet Underground had turned to the MC5 at their Boston Tea Party concert in 1968 and, instead of insulting them, had turned and made love to them—and that was how Lou Reed wound up wearing that dog collar. I couldn’t make out a single lyric, but did they really close the set with “Little Honda?”
-Dan Collins, Editor, LA RECORD



shinkiro is a new project featuring Arnau Obiols (Television Personalities / Stand Up Against Heart Crime) and Tony Laming (ex-Murmurs of Irma / Le Petit Ramon / The Pauls), improvising on experimental, modal & psychedelic influences


DJ special guest Edu Lazaro pinchando vinilos yeah!

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