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Opening doors: 22.30

Sala Rock City, Almàssera

C/ Els Coheters, 6, 46132 see map


Jolly Joker

Gran Quivira

La música de Gran Quivira transita por el camino del Bluegrass y de la música de raíz sureña norteamericana más clásica, aunque en castellano, lo que deja ecos a la Aurora Beltrán de Tahures Zurdos. “Nadie de verdad” supone la primera y única canción registrada por la banda, en la que colaboran Neus Ferri e Isabel Monzó.


Foursome Artifacts

The foursome Artifacts is a Valencian Rock band that has been together for three years but whose members are veterans of the local and national scene. Dai Berenguer, singer and rhythm guitar, has played in bands like Mafarka, Wicked Article and Ambuka Doral among others. Manuel Puche Pelayo, bassist with The Stone Circus. Joan Fagoaga in Dragonfly and finally Fran Soria, lead guitar.

The music of this band is influenced by the 70s of Led Zeppelin, Free, Humble Pie, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and 90s QOTSA, Foo Fighters, Bob Mould, Stone Temple Pilots.

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