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Concierto de Alessio Bondi en Madrid

La Palma, 62, 28015 see map

Alessio Bondì was born in 1988 and in his musical world he nurtures his roots, his Sicily. There lives the atmosphere of his childhood, deep and sweet, poetic and surreal, painted in the tones of primordial blues and of an intimate folk music.
"Sfardo" is the title of his debut album. Is an inspired album, ten songs of a crude yet astounding grace.
His language is Sicilian dialect. Someone said he's something between Rosa Balistreri, one of the landmarks of sicilian musical tradition, and Jeff Buckley. His performances are essential, nude, absorbing. A guitar, voice, heart and bones. A journey in a land black with melancholy, inside a joyful and shy at the same time soul.

Alessio Bondi

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