Mariska Neerman (Gent / Belgium) Live.

Sunday 14 August 2022 18:00

Event ended

Killing time

C/Doctor Sumsi, 37, Valencia

We are pleased to present you this great party.

Hypnotica Colectiva records presents live the sublime Belgian creator Mariska Neerman. πŸ–€

Mariska is one of the most talented producers of the last decade.

Her work has not gone unnoticed by the likes of @dj_stingray_313 and the Planet E Communications label. πŸ’£

In 2021 she released an EP for our label "Finding Our Way Back Home" with a remix by Detroit DJ and producer Shawescape Renegade . πŸ”Š

Neerman is a unique mind and talent in our opinion in the Neo-Detroit sound. Her songs transport us to the Hope of a whole community of electro soul. πŸ–€

Beauty and emotion are the 2 great characteristics of her hypnotic music.🎢

We'll have a discussion table with microphones to start the event, and then we'll proceed to the sessions and to her awaited live show where she will play her great published anthems and some more to come...πŸ₯³

All of this will take place on Sunday 14th August at our legendary @happy_mondays_hc party. πŸŽˆ

S U N D A Y 14.8

18:00 πŸ••

Interview πŸŽ™

19 00 πŸ•–

🎧 Jordi MazcuΓ±an

🎧 Blanet

🎧 #abizsonko

πŸŽ› @mariska_neerman

🎧 David Verdeguer Oficial


Killing Time

Carrer del Doctor Sumsi 21

Russafa (Valencia centro)

Closing 03:30






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