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About Elastic Band

Following their debut album “Boogie Beach Days” (best pop album at the Spanish Indie Music Awards), a magnificent first release blending hallucinatory psychedelia with bouncing funk tunes, the band follows up with M oo D (Chesapik, 2011). Their subsequent full-length explores new paths in pop music, creating a batch of songs full of incredible samples and frenzy beats. 

Almost three years have passed since its first release, which took a full year of home- recording, but was finished in London by producer Mike Pelanconi (Lily Allen, Graham Coxon, etc.).The band’s first album turned out to be a great local and international success. Several songs were used as national TV and radio tunes, or aired on international TV shows such as the US ABC sitcom “The Unusuals”. In 2009 Elastic Band was also invited to play at the SXSW music festival. 

Now the group led by multi-instrumentalist Pablo Román presents their much awaited second album, “M oo D”. The precious art cover by New Yorker Bjorn Copeland is a premonitory call for celebration. Historic genres of pop/rock music joined together for party - Let ́s dance! While a country and psychotropic atmosphere prevailed in the first album, the new recording is filled with urban and frenzy tunes where twelve- string electric guitars, keyboards and neon lights take the leading roles. 

M oo D is a record of our time, illustrating DIY culture. It also represents the ipod generation, the shuffle selection of songs, when revisionism takes part of our daily life.The record bows to a whole set of different referents, speakable and unmentionable. This album stands out for a thorough production, surprising new sounds, brave changes of rhythm...resulting in a rare richness. Besides, Joe Lambert (Deerhunter, Animal Collective, Moby, Dirty Projector or The National) has been responsible for the maste- ring and last touches. 

Elastic Band has proven their witty prowess with “The Way She Moves Me”, which composes an extensive review of all music genres, from reggae and country to hip-hop or melodic ballads, all crowned by a party blower. And on the other hand, they can also have a touch for nostalgia as in the shimmering “Not There“, highlighted by its immediate teen lush; the decadent end of the party recalled in “After all” or the heartbreaking resilience of “Then Again”. No doubt, M oo D is a city night-time animal. 

All inclusive record! Look for any of your favourite music styles you have them all in the brilliant M oo D.