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About Mumbai Science
In a current musical climate where the sounds of electronica are morphing into pop, it takes a certain style, finesse and ideology to break through the droves of paint-by-numbers music. Taking the fast paced tempos of electro, the stiff and mechanized polyrhythms of techno and the sharp, heavy hitting force of thumping bass (plus a dash of acid for good measure), Mumbai Science have achieved their status as one of electro and techno’s brightest hopes for the future. Forget ‘EDM culture’ – Mumbai Science blend imagination and musical knowledge to create malleable cuts of floor-busting sounds that appeal to all tastes and niches.

Belgian duo Maarten Elen and Jonas Kiesekoms are two 27-year-olds with a penchant for arresting, fast-paced electronic music. Flitting between jacking house and techno, they began life as a punk rock band. Taking the youthful vigor, ecstatic energy and DIY vibes of their band-based background, and melting it with an unwavering love for the dance-floor, Mumbai Science was officially born in 2010. And within the space of 3 years, they’ve more than made their mark across all spheres of dance music, counting names such as Soulwax, Boys Noize, Tiga, Erol Alkan, Mixhell and Jaymo & Andy George as keen supporters of the electronic music ‘alchemists’.

Signing up to Dr Lektroluv’s premier label Lektroluv Records in 2010, Maarten and Jonas stormed the electronic music consensus without warning, through four huge club hits that are still ringing in the ears of clubbers worldwide; the Woof, Ancova, Gold EP’s have caused lasting tremors ever since, followed up the massive Lotus EP in 2011. But with an attitude that acknowledges the synergy between music and the body, between sound and soul, the hard working Belgians stepped up to take their sound to a personal and more spiritual level.

2012 saw the pair begin the release of a trilogy of EP’s named The Unified Theory, galvanizing their restless inspirations and their spiritual inclinations into 3 differing cuts, released from January 2011 to March 2011. Part one (‘Researchers’ / ‘Commandments’) delivered an EBM, techno focused angle; part 2 (‘Reality’ / ‘Transcendence’) explored deeper, darker and dubbier sounds while the concluding EP (‘Alchemy’ / ‘Chemistry’) sported a sampladelic ride through cutting edge beeps, beats and bass. From birth to preservation and ultimately, the destruction of the current to make way for the new, it’s all about evolution for Mumbai Science. And this evolving galvanization of music and mind shows no sign of slowing down. The following months saw three more EP’s (Impact EP, Unite EP and 1975 EP), with ‘Impact’ making it in Fake Blood’s Fabric Live compilation and ‘Models’ exhibiting their IDGAF attitude through an absurd dance-along-karaoke-video.

Their hard working attitude and constant creativity is core to their sound and style… and rather than resting on their laurels, the dynamic duo have toured restlessly throughout 2013, reaching some of the coolest and most respected venues and clubs in the world. From Lux in Portugal, to Womb in Tokyo and 2 storming shows in the Indian metropolis’ of Mumbai and Delhi, their eclectic nature and accessible reach – without watering down the classic sounds of their beloved craft – have reached across the world. Recently they conquered American hearts as well with shows at EDC in Las Vegas, U Street Music Hall in Washington DC and various HARD events.

Their insatiable appetite for touring also gave birth to their breath-taking and ambitious 128 Memories per Minute video series, a ‘diary’ of ultrashort and uncensored videos that capture the spirit of the duo living out their dreams and spreading their unifying musical message across the globe. Of course, it’s vigorously cut and edited to a soundtrack of their unique, genre-busting music.

After three busy years of touring, filming, releases and remixes for the likes of Goose, Alex Gopher and Crookers, are the boys ready to take a well-deserved break? Don’t be daft; in true spirit, Mumbai Science are gearing up to release their debut Album ‘DEJA VU’ early 2014. A surprising culmination of all the inspiration and expertise they acquired during their years in the front seat of electronic music.

Mumbai Science are only just reaching their stride in terms of productivity, musical prowess and ambition, their growing trajectory will surely appease even the most grizzled and jaded of dance music veterans. Cut through the crap and discover some true, integral dance music and reinvigorate your body and mind.